Southern California Energy Services provides heating services for new installations and/or repairs for your home or business.  We can install a new furnace that is custom made and will fit your budget.  There are many choices of systems from 80% all the way up to 98% efficiency.  Today’s furnaces have options like single stage, two stage, and variable speed for the perfect combination of comfort and energy efficiency for your home or business.

Owners are led to believe that buying a bigger heating system will mean a more comfortable and efficient home or business, but a system must fit the size of your home or business.  Southern California Energy Services will carefully analyze the lay out of your home or business and recommend the the best heating system for your situation.  Having an energy efficient heating system greatly reduces your energy bills.

When it comes to heating your home or business we offer solutions to your needs in many different logistical & custom problems that come up in today’s living and working conditions.

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The earliest method of providing interior home heating was an open fire. Central heating appears to have been invented in ancient Greece, but it was the Romans who became the supreme heating engineers of the ancient world with their hypocaust system. Central heating was adopted for use again in the early 19th century when the Industrial Revolution caused an increase in the size of buildings for industry, residential use, and services.